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Thursday 21 July 2011

DIY Inspirations

Some inspirations for projects that look great and are pretty easy to do:

The kiddies room with the lovely wallpaper belongs to photographer Debi Treloar.
To do that at home, you could use wallpaper from sample books (ask at a shop selling wallpaper for out-dated once). You can also ask for end-of-roll pieces. Or source vintage wallpaper at flea markets.

This lovely heart doesn't need much 'how-to' explanation. The photo was taken in the house of De Andreis. What a beautiful way to keep your loved-ones close!

Another easy to implement but impact-full project is this beautiful headboard. You can use old planks from a pallet if you don't have some wheatered wood lying around:

Doesn't that look beautiful? Here in Africa we don't have much old porcelain, so I used cheap colourful enamel plates instead which works quite nicely too:

Something that fits right in with my current doilie obsession. Also really easy to make:

Another really simple but quite impectfull idea. Just fill the jars with whatever is close to your heart:

All pictures are from Pinterest

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