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Saturday 2 July 2011


I finally managed to set up a blog!

Doing my website is wonderful but also quite restrictive. So often I come across inspiration in whatever form that I would like to share and that doesn't really fit with the contents of the website.

Now I can just write away :-).

It is a gorgeous winter day here in Namibia, blue blue skies, but quite chilly at my desk since the sun moved on and doesn't shine into my window anymore.

We will be having a braai (typical Southern African thing involving an open fire, lots of meat and lots of beer) later and I will have to prepare my Yoga sessions for next week, but for now I am just going to indulge in some beautiful pictures!


I unfortunately can't remember where these pictures come from. I downloaded them some time ago because I really liked the clarity and openness in these rooms. Lots of breathing space...

And here is something else I would love to get:

These kitsch pictures are so wonderful! Unfortunately stuff like that is impossible to find in Namibia.
Can't wait to visit Europe again and go on a flea market tour!

This picture is from Taverne Agency

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