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Friday 14 October 2011

Back home!

Hallo Ihr Lieben

we are back home after a wonderful time in Germany. Lots of blue sky, colourful leaves, friendly people and the most gorgeous cows with fluffy ears.

I took lots of pictures of old houses full of wood and loveliness, but unfortunately forgot my camera charger in Germany so they will have to wait a bit.

Not being distracted by the 1000 daily things that have to be done in my life here, I even managed to do some productive work while on holiday.


This results in the next online Simple Living Workshop starting on the 4th of November.
It is a wonderful opportunity to get your life sorted before the New Year :-).

Despite it being 30 degrees and not christmassy at all here in Namibia, I have to share these pictures of scandinavian christmas design.

Isn't it pretty?!


Pictures by Taverne Agency

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