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Monday 17 October 2011

White Halloween

My daughter has been asking me to put up Halloween decorations.
When I grew up we never celebrated Halloween, so I had to go and look for inspiration.
Luckily I found something that she likes and that is not quite so orangy and in your face.


Pictures by Taverne Agency

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  1. What a great change from the oversaturated orange you see everywhere, including parts of my house. Love the whites with the different textures you used, and the coral bottle stoppers are gorgeous. Did you make or buy the knitted skull? And is that other a dog skull? Awesome!

  2. thank you dear Ann. This skull was not made by me, although i did make one similar to it (lost my camera charger so can't take any pictures at the moment)
    I used a plastic skull from the dollar shop, cut of the arm of an old sweater and glued it on. Worked a charm :-)


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