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Tuesday 29 November 2011

How to make candleholders out of cement

Today I would like to show you a lovely little project that Eva and I did last week.
I love the rough texture of the cement in combination with the imprints the plastic cups make.

You will need cement or tile adhesive (cement gets sold here in 50 kg bags only which was a bit more then I wanted to use, so I tried it with the tile stuff and it worked just fine), plastic cups and a bucket.

Pour some water into a bucket and then add cement (careful, it makes a lot of dust) until it has the consistency of peanut butter

Fill the cement into a plastic cup (not quite to the top) and insert another plastic cup to make an indentation for the candle

Let it dry. This is the most difficult part as it takes a couple of days and Eva got quite impatient. I did cut one open too soon and it broke apart, so give it time to dry properly

And here you have the finished product :-)


  1. I love it!
    That's a pretty good (looking) idea!
    I#ll try it next time! (Hopefully! I've to buy cement)!!! (Sorry, my einglish is not the best ;))


  2. Very good idea! Do you think there is a way to color the cement while it's still liquid?

    1. Here in Namibia we get colorful powder that you add to cement to color it. i am sure you can get something similar in Italy. Otherwise maybe just try adding normal paint. might just work :-)

  3. I just tried the craft and got impatient too... I want to open the box!! :)


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