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Wednesday 23 November 2011

How to make pretty clay stars

We are still going full speed with the month of creativity.

It is such fun doing stuff with my daughter. Very often I just give her the broad outlines and then sit back and watch her come up with the most amazing concepts I hadn't thought of at all.

Kids are naturally so much more creative, because a lot of the things we take for granted, have seen a thousand times already, have 'always done that way', are new to them.

What a wonderful chance for us grown-ups to just watch and learn :-).

To do the stars (or any other form you want to do) you will need some clay. We used the air-drying one in white.
You will also need cookie cutters in the desired shape, a chopstick to make the holes to hang the ornaments, and a pencil, paper doilie and glitter to decorate.

 Role the clay out evenly, packing the clay you don't use into a plastic bag, it dries pretty quickly

 Use the cookie cutters to cut out the shapes you want

Press the doilie gently on the stars if you want a lacey imprint

Use a pencil to decorate the stars. You can also write or draw on them with pencil once they are dry

Let them dry out, turning them at least once so both sides can dry evenly

Find something suitable to hang them on. The thing in the picture is a branch of a 'hag and steg' bush that I found by the side of the road (our trees grow very very slowly, so cutting branches is not really an option). 'Hag and steg' means more or less 'hook and sting', which is exactly what it does, making sure that the stars are hanging peacefully and undisturbed by little kitty paws :-)


  1. Great idea. They look beautiful.

  2. Super cute! I will be featuring it tomorrow. :)


  3. So cute --- thank you so much for sharing!
    Blessings, Becky

  4. These came out beautifully. My boys would love to make a set.

  5. coming over from French Country Cottage to say hello! i just love how your sweet tree looks w/your clay stars! lovely lovely lovely..xoxo, tracie

  6. This tree with the stars is so sweet, and what an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon with kids! Really, they look very nice!

  7. pretty!!! would make lovely gifts :) would love you to link up at


  8. Such a great project! Thanks for linking up and sharing:>


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