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Thursday 1 December 2011

A kind of sushi, healthy, delicious and raw

Some of the things I used to make when I was eating raw food only, are still a regular part of my menu. Like the healthy sweets.

Another recipe that survived the transition to (sometimes) cooked is this nori roll.
Very quick and easy to make and really delicious!
And of course phenomenally healthy :-).

Here is what you need:

Some carrots and a piece of cucumber (more carrots than cucumber, it makes it quite soggy if you put too much cucumber in), some tahini and a couple of nori sheets

 Grate the carrots and the cucumber, mix them together and add 1 for 2 tablespoons of tahini.

 Spread it on the nori sheet

Roll and enjoy! Taste great with soy sauce

Bon appetit!

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