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Thursday 10 November 2011

More from my house

I have been circling my home these last couple of days...

It is somehow not coherent. Parts come together beautifully but not everything flows. Which is very much like my life at the moment :-).

Of course your home reflects your personality, but maybe it also reflects the stages you are at, without you really noticing.
First you love your house, and then, over time, you change and you don't like it so much anymore (this of course only applies to those of us that are at least mildly obsessed with their homes, but seeing that you are reading this blog, it is a pretty safe bet that it fits :-) ).

And when you then look at what it is you don't like it might lead you to exactly the issues in your life you should look at.

What I want from my home is that it is clear, clean, simple, that it flows and leaves room for growth, that it accomodates my two-legged and four-legged family and friends, that it is easy on the eye and easy to use, that it is warm and welcoming, that it is a safe haven, that it is beautiful, and that it is alive!

Which is just how I want my life to be too.

My home struggles in the ease of use and in the flow. It also struggles with the welcoming bit. I am very much an introvert and very protective about how I spend my time, and it shows in my home.

It was quite an eye-opener for me to take pictures and look at them instead of looking at the rooms I know so well. A lot of things I hadn't realized show up quite clearly (like the dirty windows and the cobwebs all over the outside seating area...).

So, with the christmas holidays coming up, I will do some re-shuffling, re-evaluating, re-organizing (really looking forward to that part, I love everything to do with organizing :-) ).

And hopefully my home will soon fit me again like a new, shiny, lovely skin.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

 Some of the succulents I mentioned yesterday

 My treatment room

My daughter's room

My daughter (middle) with two friends, they said they are at 
least as pretty as the house and I should photograph them too!

 The bathroom

 The kitchen, over the stove. The aluminium works 
beautifully as a splash-back

 More from my kitchen
 My favourite reading spot
 View into the (tiny) kitchen

 Some odds and ends

You can find more of my house pictures here

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