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Saturday 31 December 2011

Going to the shop to buy milk

We need milk.

The closest shop is in a mall so I go there.

A  LOT of other people are also there.

After taking a look at the queues I decide that we can live without milk and head back to the parking lot. On the way I find a shop that is beautifully, wonderfully crowd-free.

So now we have no milk but some other essentials:

 Luckily this was the last time this year I will spend money :-).

Wishing you the best day of your life, every day for the rest of this year, and for next year, and for all the years that follow. Enjoy the beauty that you are.

There will never be another you, so live it out to the fullest. The world needs YOU, not what you think others might like, or what your think will make you fit in, or what you think will get you love.

You are loved, always have been, always will be :-).

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