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Friday 20 January 2012

How to do homework

Since school started again Eva gets a lot of homework. This doesn't please her one bit.
The first week she still did it, sighing deeply every now and then.

This week she started procastinating like a champion, so by the time the homework was finally done it was evening.
I tried various approaches to get her going, from explaining to begging to ordering.

None of this worked particularly well...

Before resorting to bribing (slippery slope, that one) I sat down and thought about WHY she goes on like this. She knows that she has to do her homework anyway.
Then I thought about why I used to throw tantrums occassionally complained.
It was normally about recognition. 

So when she started moaning again yesterday I said: 'Wow, this is an awful lot of homework. How yucky. Lets show it how we feel about that.' And then I started jumping around the pile, putting my tongue out, making faces, singing a song about what it can do with itself.
After the initial shock she joined in and we had a lot of fun insulting her homework.

And then she sat down and did it.

Just like that!

After she was finished Eva drew me a picture:

I just love it!

Have a fabulous day, I have to go and jump around a bit before cooking lunch...


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  1. Excellent idea! I'll pass that one along to my daughter. She has 6 kids to get through homework every night and only 2 are motivated to do it.

  2. It's great that it worked! And you've got a great artist there, she's much better at drawing than I am :)


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