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Monday 9 January 2012

Last day of the holidays

Today is the very last day of the holidays.

For some reason today is also the day that I suddenly remembered various to-do lists, written with enthusiasm before the holidays started.

I was quite determined to work my way through all the neglected points, but somehow it is now evening
and the cellar is still dirty. I don't have chickens yet, my yoga mat hasn't seen any action, and
tomorrow my daughter will have to make do once again with fruit and bread in her lunchbox, instead of
the creative, nutritious, delicious feast I had been planning as a 'go-back-to-school' treat.

I am so happy that the one point I got around to implementing is not to feel bad about things like that anymore :-).

Wishing you a beautiful, restful and happy evening!


Ps: Here another picture from my 'dress nicer' project :-).
Gotta keep up with this, it took me half a day to realize that I was wearing a grey t-shirt and shorts that I made by unevenly cutting the legs of a jeans (HOW did that survive the big clean-out?!?).

Not sure about these pants. My fashion adviser was otherwise engaged. What do you think?



  1. I agree with your fashion advisor

  2. That totally happens with me when taking a holiday break. I have so many plans but then forget and just enjoy doing nothing. You are totally not alone on that one. New follwer:>


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