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Tuesday 31 January 2012

Things I do (nearly) every day

Today I wrote three blog posts, none of which reflects on this blog.
Two are guest posts that will be published at a later stage and the third one isn't quite ready yet.

But I would really like to show you something, so here is a (somewhat random) post about things I did today:

1. I woke up getting my nose licked by Georgia (one of the cats)
2. I made coffee
3. I kissed my man
4. I worked with a client
5. I cooked lunch (arrrgh)
6. I sat at my desk, looking out of the window
7. I was happy about my house
8. I was happy about my daughter
9. I did some crafty things
10. I ignored the mess in the store room
11. I prepared a yoga class
12. I put the rubbish out
13. I ate two lovely jam-filled cookies
13. I 'walked' the dogs

Here is what that looks like:


And I was/am so very grateful to be alive!

May you enjoy whatever you do today :-)



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  1. Wow! I love the play of subtle colours (beige and pale green) and the dash of yellow flowers. For some reason, those colours always draw me in. Thanks for the peak at your day! ~ Maureen

  2. What a fun little post - and LOVELY pictures!

  3. You're also great at multitasking I see. Driving the car, walk the dogs and making pictures while you're at it. You know you're amazing right!! :-)

  4. Thanks so much guys :-). Esther I am blushing...


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