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Saturday 14 January 2012

Mommy guilt, or what to bring to a party

Recently we were invited to a party.

I had been making a cake and a salad to bring with and was just done with cleaning up the kitchen, when Eva decided that she also wanted to bring something.

To say I wasn't enthusiastic is putting it mildly.

I told her that she could do whatever she wants to as long as it doesn't involve any input from me.

Then I went to have a shower, trying hard not to feel guilty.

When I was done this is what she presented me with:

She had melted white chocolate, put toothpicks in grapes, dipped the grapes in the chocolate and then stuck the toothpicks into a loaf of cheese in the fridge until the chocolate was hard.

Ingeniuos and so delicious!

And now I am wondering which glorious creations never got realized because I didn't let her work on her own....

Here is to embracing and releasing mommy guilt :-)


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