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Sunday 5 February 2012


Bringing Lola home has upset the balance of our household. 

The big dogs growl at her whenever they catch sight of her, and the cats haven’t been back in the house 
since she arrived, despite it being the rainy season. 
We just had the most spectacular downpour but they still stayed away.
Lola is a real baby. 
At night she sleeps for a couple of hours, and then she wakes up and wants to play. 
As she is parked along my neck and starts chewing my ear the moment she opens her eyes, I am not my 
usual bright-eyed self today... 
Hopefully she will soon become part of the pack and will be allowed to sleep with the other dogs :-).

At the moment, the only vaguely friendly furry one is our other dachshund.

Do you think he will play with me?

Here we go!

Got him!

And down he goes

What a lovely beard!

And on this side too!

Come on!

Ok, ok, you win

At least she has the humans wrapped around her little paws :-).

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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  1. What a seriouly cute puppy!!! And I love her name!!

    1. thank you dear Lisa. she is very sweet and very determined when she wants something. a real dachshund already...

  2. Lola is a doll baby! Thanks for the nice post about my hubby. He is doing better now. Also thanks for following me as I am now following you too!

  3. Oh my gosh, how cute! I love the shot of the little guy with his mouth wide open. Adorable!


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