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Monday 27 February 2012

Little healing pillow

My daughter is sick. Blocked nose, sore throat, headache and generally feeling miserable.

I have a mix of tea tree oil, lemon oil and eucalyptus oil that enables her to breathe when she puts it under her nose.
But because she is cleaning her nose constantly it never stays on long.

So I decided to make her a little pillow filled with cotton wool that has been sprinkled with essential oils.
I added lavender oil to the mix because it smells lovely and is calming.

Here is what to do:

Cut two heart shapes out of your fabric. You can use the same fabric for the front and back of the pillow or use a different fabric for the back:


I cut a little heart out of lace and sewed it on:

Putting the right sides of the fabric on top of each other, sew the two hearts together. My sewing machine is still broken so I sewed it by hand. Leave a little opening and turn the heart around.
Then sprinkle the essential oil mix (I used 5 drops of each in a little almond oil as a base oil) onto the cotton wool and stuff the pillow with it. Sew the opening closed from the right hand side.

Wishing you a cold-free week.



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  1. A real gift of love :) She's gorgeous too!
    Thanks for stopping by, Jutta!

  2. Just saw this post....I love the pillow and especially the essential oils. I love essetial oils and use them often. At one time made my own skincare products but then got lazy about it. I still find them a necessity in my life.
    Let me know if you every want a recipe for headaches.
    Much love to you,


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