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Friday 17 February 2012

What I loved this week

What made me happy this week. This is not a complete list :-)

These beautiful lillies:

Elsa, the loveliest dog in the world:

That the chicken enclosure is finally ready:

This painting Eva made for me:

Another lovely furry one:

This wonderful Valentine's card I got from my dear friend Esther:

And this beautiful artwork from Imke:

So much to be grateful for!

And now I will bake a cake, make some tea and retire to the couch with the newest Living Etc.

Bliss :-)


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  1. I have been blog hopping for two days and I am loving it! I have met so many fun and talented people. I am now a linky follower of yours and would love a follow back.

    My Turn (for us)

    Thanks, I enjoyed the visit!

  2. Liebe Jutta,

    wie schön: der Blick für die großen Kleinigkeiten, für die man dankbar sein kann
    und an denen man sich erfreuen kann. Ich mag das!

    Hab´ ein schönes Wochenende.

    Alles Liebe



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