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Thursday 8 March 2012

March Home Visit

Today I would like to take you with to my friend Cecile's house.

Despite being on the small side for a family of five, the space really works well.

Cecile's home is like her: elegant, beautiful, warm and fun!

And full of contradictions :-).

Rough concrete paired with old wood, beautiful ornaments and funky plastic toys, three small
children yet a sense of quiet...

Cecile has created a space that is stylish and cosy at the same time, a place that feels like home.

And then there is of course the park-like garden, an oasis filled with birds, dogs, tortoises, water features,
a veggie garden and beautiful old-fashioned white roses.

Enjoy the tour :-)






And this is the only picture I was allowed to publish of Cecile, which is a real pity, as she is as
beautiful as her house :-)

Wishing you a wonderful day!



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  1. Liebe Jutta,

    wow, das ist ein schönes Zuhause, gefällt mir!
    Hier beginnt ja seit ein paar Tagen wirklich der Frühling und ich weiß nicht, ob ich drinnen oder draußen werkeln will/soll... es gibt so viel zu tun, weil es jetzt auch mehr Spaß bringt, wenn die Sonne scheint und es wärmer wird....
    Ach menno, ich sende Dir ganz liebe Grüße


  2. She has a gift for invoking a feeling of calm without being boring. Does she make all the hearts herself? ~ Maureen

  3. What a lovely home! Love the piano especially! :)

  4. Lovely homestory in a beautiful space. Fit for an interior design magazine! Particularly loved the splashes of red in the bedroom.

    1. Thanks so much liebe Sonja! Viele Grüsse nach Irland xxx

  5. ...and I would like to see the kitchen too!!!'because that is the most important heart of a home!

    1. My friend had a function at her place the night before, and the dishes weren't washed yet, so i wasn't allowed to photograph the kitchen :-)
      It is lovely, light and airy, with big glass doors into the garden

  6. What is the name of the flower she is holding?

    1. I asked her the same question, but she doesn't know either. It looks a bit like a sea animal :-)


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