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Tuesday 10 April 2012

3 week challenge - week 2

Good morning dear friends!

I hope you had a fabulous Easter weekend.
We drove out to a farm in the African bush together with my man's family and had a great time!

And now for week 2 of the challenge!

Let's start with the niggling list items for the week.
If you have done the first third last week, keep going with the second third in this week.

I managed to get the Apostille and it is on its way to Germany.

But I still haven't done the foreword.

So this is the number one thing for this week (again :-) ).

The second item is to finally establish a veggie bed.
I have had several half-hearted attempts at it, (doing a bit of digging and then throwing some seeds in (nothing happened) or planting some seedlings that became a feast for the locust), but in our climat the beds have to be prepared really well, otherwise nothing will grow.

On the organizing front I managed to do everything from last week (see here if you are catching up).

The tasks for this week are:

Your kid's rooms
Your office
Your bathroom
The dining room if you have one

Once again, if that is too much, just do one room thoroughly and keep going after the challenge is finished.

And for the thinking session, make yourself a lovely cup of tea, sit in a beautiful spot with a beautiful notebook and think about what your ideal day would look like.

Start early in the morning, when do you wake up, where do you wake up, with whom do you wake up?

Maybe you would like to live at the sea like my daughter, waking up to the sound of the waves?

 She asked me to tell you that this is not necessarily her dream home :-)

Then keep going through your day, writing everything down as you would love for it to be.

And don't be too critical at this stage. In fact, don't be critical at all.
It doesn't matter one bit if you can implement it or not, just get it down and then tweak it until it is really really perfect.

After you have done that, look at which elements (people, place, work?) are absolutely critical for your happiness and write them down. Then select those ones that are important but that you could live without, and last write down the 'frills'.

Once you have done that, it becomes a great way to help you make decisions.

Should you change jobs, being paid better but having less time with your family? Check in your ideal day what is more important for you.
Should you move to a bigger house, or to an area further away from your parents?
Should you join this committee?

It helps you to get clarity about where you want to go and what really makes you happy.

Your own personal compass :-)

Also continue with the daily form of exercise.

If you haven't been physically active for a while, walking is a great and healthy way to get back into shape.
Why not ask a girlfriend to join you every morning (or evening) for an hour long walk through the neighbourhood.
You get fit and can catch up with your friend at the same time!

And keep on eating your salads and veggies, drink lots of water and go easy on the left-over easter eggs :-).

Have a wonderful day!



Ps: Lovely Kim from I - Lost in Austin gave me the Happy Blogger award!

Thank you so much dear Kim!!!! If you like delicious recipes, beautifully photographed, hop over to her.
She is a master in coming up with the most delectable goodies.

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  1. Hello Gorgeous Jutta!! Thank you for the second weeks assignments. Good luck with your foreword :-).

    Will try to get some yoga done this week as I have to mis your fabulous classes. But running behind two children who are trying to learn how to cycle will be my other form of exercise.

    Have a good week, enjoy and have fun!

    Lots of love and a BIIIIIIIIIIGG Hug

  2. Hallo liebe Jutta,

    ich bin am Meer aufgewachsen und würde liebend gern wieder dort leben. Das Meeresrauschen finde ich wunderschön :)
    Ich bevorzuge auf jeden Fall meinen jetzigen Lebenstil als Kleinunternehmerin, zwar mit deutlich weniger Einkommen als früher im Angestelltenverhältnis, aber dafür die kreative Freiheit meinen Tag so zu gestalten wie ich es möchte. Ich kann mir keine andere Arbeit mehr vorstellen!
    Ganz liebe Grüße,

  3. Congrats dear Jutta! You truly deserves this award! I can't wait till May to start our vegertable patch too! But the weather here is so unpredictable that we have to wait till it's warmer ! But I did start my spring cleaning though... TODAY! hehehehe Have a lovely week, dear Jutta. A HUGE HUGS to U dear friend! :)

  4. I just found you via DIY dreamers bloglovin' blog hop! And I'm so glad I did! I love your blog :) This post was awesomely inspiring!
    Stay crafty...
    xo Jess

  5. I love this! I am going to do it. I found your blog through BlogLovin and I am now a
    new follower through BlogLovin and GFC.


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