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Wednesday 18 April 2012

Recycled seedling pots

Some time ago my daughter's art teacher asked the parents to please collect toilet rolls for a project.

I have been doing that ever since, throwing the empty rolls in a bucket in the bathroom.
Then we got an e-mail from the teacher saying that she has plenty of rolls by now, and that we don't have to bring
any more.

Unfortunately now it seems like such a waste to throw the collection away.
But what to do with them?

One thing I came up with is very handy for all budding farmers: Use them as seed pots.

Here is how to do it:

Collect some rolls (and beware of thieves).

You can see that she is an African dog, when I caught up with her and her prey she dissappeared by closing her eyes. Ostriches do the same when cornered :-).

If you could retrieve your rolls, make some cuts along the bottom:

Fold the cut pieces over to form a base:

Fill with soil and place a seed in. These here are lettuces:

Remember to keep the seeds damp, and when it is time to transplant the seedlings, just plant them into the soil with the toilet roll. The cardboard will disintegrate quickly.

See you tomorrow!



Ps: After I published this post I went outside, and there is the puppy dragging a seedling pot into her den. Had to decide between saving the lettuce and taking a picture. The seedling won.
Now they are all perched high up :-).

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  1. Jutta, I can't believe you posted this! I've been saving my rolls to do this very thing. You can also use paper towel rolls and cut them into thirds. I love that your dog disappears!! How funny!

  2. Great idea! (egg cartons work too!) I also use TP rolls to make mini albums. Flatten them, cover with paper, decorate :)

    1. Mini albums! Another great idea from you!!! Thanks so much, will try that too. And when they are covered with paper a view bite marks won't show :-)

  3. This is a great idea. I love how you think, you are coming up with such great ideas!

  4. Great idea and it comes in handy! I don't have a garden, but I always run out of seedling pots for my balcony.


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