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Sunday 20 May 2012

Crochet and wood, a DIY

While walking the dogs last week I found this tree stump in the field. It was surprising light and surprisingly pretty,
and didn't mind coming home with me.

Since then it has been standing in my garden and I have been thinking about what to do with it.
I love the combination of soft and hard, of rustic and pretty, of crochet and wood.

So I unpacked the left-over wool from the granny blanket and set to work.
For the size of my wood stump I only needed six squares:

Here is how to crochet the granny squares.

Then I joined the squares and crocheted treble crochet around the sides, with double treble crochet at the corners:

I pulled a piece of wool all the way through to be able to pull it tight over the tree stump and put it on:

And now I have to go and join my family for a braai (barbecue :-) ).

Have a fabulous Sunday!

Lots of love,


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  1. Oh, I'm loving this little rustic "side table". What a genius idea! I have only begun to crochet, so I greatly admire your work. Must check out your granny squares :)
    Enjoy your bbq and a have terrific Sunday!
    best wishes, Duni

  2. Nun hast Du das Beste aus diesem Baumstumpf heraus geholt *lach*
    Vielen Dank für die wiederholten Einblicke in Deine DIY-Werkstatt!

  3. die kombination von verspieltem gehäkeltem und verwittertem holz ist wirklich wunderbar! gepolstert wäre das ganze ein toller hocker - die form ist schon einem po so ähnlich;)
    sonntagsgrüße von birgit

  4. Wow! these is amazing & you are amazing! What a wonderful idea with crochet! I really do admire your talent, Jutta! I'm not good at all with crochet! And these crochet looks lovely! Well done ! Sending you lots of love & cyber hugs! Have a great BBQ with your families, dear! HUGS! :)

  5. Jutta this is very pretty and a really great idea! I can't believe you carried a big stump home!! I love your crocheted squares. I cannot crochet....I feel like i have two left hands when I try! Your stump is now lovely in two ways!

  6. It's lovely! I also like the combination of crochet & wood... I'm amazed by the many things you manage to do every week!!! :) You're a big time crafter!

  7. i adore your creativity! i 1st found your "one cloth 5 ways" post and now i have come here after your kindness in visiting and following my blog (pink saturday gypsy ATC). i am now following you and look forward to seeing more of your delightful creations! xo

  8. That is so clever. I love how your creative mind works. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.

  9. I LOVE this!!! I, too, love the beautiful combination of hard and soft, especially when it is found in nature and natural materials. I actually have three tree stumps I got last summer from the tree-trimming company that cut my parents trees. I would love to try this....except I don't know how to crochet! This might be a good enough reason to learn :)

    * following you! *

  10. Jutta,
    Your creativity definitely stands out. The tree stump is beautiful and adding the granny squares...well only you could think to do that and make it even more beautiful.
    Your loveliness shows in your creativity.


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