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Monday 7 May 2012

Lovely things

Another list of wonderful, lovely things I am very grateful for:

Books! I love love love books!!! On my shelves, next to my bed, and even on the wall:


Having had a cool, girls-only movie night with Eva, eating pizza and watching 'Twilight':


This little bear that I had since I was small. I love it's scruffy, contemplative looks:


That I have always help when working. Just realized that my puppy has a very similar scruffy look...


That the greenhouse is coming along nicely. All the wood we are using comes from pallets:

My newest obsession, knitting thingys to put around other thingys:

The Christmas-in-May morning I had thanks to dear Esther! Loooooots of inspiration to read through. 
So if you don't hear from me for a while, you know what I am doing :-):

 A lovely start of the week to you, may you have many things to be grateful for!


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  1. OMG! You dog does look like your stuffy! Both are adorable.

    How cool that you turned a simple bottle into something so special with the knitted piece. Love whatever it is that's in the bottle, too. So lush looking!

    Happy reading with those new new books and mags.

  2. What a lovely post (again)! I love that your bear looks like your dog! I too still have my childhood bear. What are you going to grow in your greenhouse?

  3. Jutta, what a wonderful post to read on this Monday morning. So cute...the stuffed scruffy bear and your precious scruffy dog helper! You are a fantastic knitter....I am just starting it again. The bottle looks pretty as does Eva and the pizza (delicious). Wishing you back a most wonderful week.
    Excited to see the finished greenhouse.

  4. Jutta, how cute is that knitted wrap for a bottle...very creative! Can't wait to see your greenhouse when you complete it!

  5. Beautiful daughter and that puppy is so cute. I like the scruffy look as well. I have a bichon and I tell them to leave him a little scruffy when I take him to the groomers.


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