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Saturday 5 May 2012

This is it

I do love my life.

But every now and then I start to feel restless, unsettled, bored...
And then I start to think that it might be better somewhere else.

Back in Europe, where I haven't lived for 16 years. Closer to my parents and my brothers.

Somewhere first world, somewhere with bookstores, libraries, and culture.
Somewhere were people have the same interests than me.

Somewhere were it rains!

In no time, these thoughts manage to poison my beautiful life.

They make me ungrateful.
They make me feel like a victim.
They make me feel angry and sad and frustrated.

Thinking about where I am not, is only helpful when it gets me to move.
For various reasons, moving back to Europe right now is not an option. And even if it was, I am not sure that I would be happier there.

So when they started their onslaught again today, I decided to make something to remind me to stay present to my life.

I used an old plank and some stencils. Luckily, I realized how to write 'this' before it was too late :-):

Then I sprayed onto some doilies with some silver spray I still had from my Easter plates:

That was the first version, but after some time I realized that I do not really like the hearts:

This is what I ended up with in the end. The dogs are there because they represent home to me :-):


You are always home.

Love to you,


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  1. Oh what a beautiful post, a wonderful reminder and a great sign! Thank you! I think I better get my mind off of Montana and make myself one fo these signs!! I love it!

  2. Love You too!

    Exactly. The moment we move out from native home, there is no way back, even if we try... I am so with you on this post! (Even if it made me cry, for the same reasons...) So, this is it, and we have to learn just take it as it is! No regrets. No "what if?"s...

    Thank You for pampering my soul, just what I needed Today! And if you have a time, stop by my last post ;)

    Show must go on.

  3. Thanks Jutta, I also need a sign like this ;)

  4. What a great reminder! I often get restless where I am. Maybe I am just a gypsy at heart! I think that you can always think that things will be better "somewhere else." But, when you get to that somewhere, you realize that you were happy before, too. It is a fine line to walk. Great sign!

  5. Yes you are! Always home, wherever it may be.
    Love you!
    See you soon with lots of new reading/viewing material :-)


  6. This is such a cute project! I am your newest follower!

  7. Here our sky is blue - in europe it's grey (oh, hold on you love grey.....!) Here we braai free range game fillet - in europe they barbeque patties and sausages (right?) Here we have no traffic jams - in europe they do. Here nearly all of May is holidays :-) I am sure in europe they are working right now :-) Here we know everyone - in europe you dont (which may be a good thing....)Here your friends are and we aren't in europe.... We think you should STAY!

  8. Jutta - That is a beautiful reminder. Home can be anywhere, it is what we make of it and appreciate what we have no matter where we are!

  9. That's a great way to have a visual of a very good philosophy! Different places work for different stages in life and nothing is forever. I'm trying to focus on living in the now, too. ~ Maureen

  10. You are always home... love these words and your project! Following now :)

  11. Love it Jutta! And a reminder for me too - I'm originally from Africa... been in New Zealand 10 years and still have days where I want to go Nat

  12. What a lovely piece Jutta. I think we are all restless sometimes. I live less than half a kilometer from my childhood home and still I feel it; that restlessnes, that urge to be elsewhere. The project that arose from your feelings is quite beautiful but, even more wonderful, is that you chose to channel restlessness into creativity. Good for you!

  13. beautiful post! I can relate to your feelings so much!!!

  14. I relate to what you say, my home is not France and once in a while I have this urge to just get away... but I'm coming to realise that home is wherever I am :) Loving your blog !


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