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Thursday 28 June 2012

House cleaning day, or, how to build a teepee

Today is house cleaning day. It is now quarter past three and I still haven't started...

Instead I have been thinking about crafty things.
I have visited the chickens.
I have made a mousse au chocolat for dinner with friends tonight, and I have finally weeded my strawberries.

But the house is still dirty.

Trying to rope the kids in wasn't very successful either. Eva and her friend decided to rather build their own house in the garden. They used reeds we collected on yesterday's dog walk and made a teepee.

It is really cool!

I think I will just move in with them...

Here are a lot of some pictures:




In about two hours we will leave for dinner, so if I hang in there a bit longer house cleaning day will have passed without
any actual house cleaning action :-).

Non-productive but fun!

Lots of love,


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  1. Ach, dear Jutta, sometimes there are better things to do than being productive. I guess this is one of them.

    Very lovely, gorgeous pictures!

  2. Oh happy childhood memories are coming up with these pics. By the way house-cleaning-day is officially postponed... enjoy the evening and the chocolate mouse!

  3. What a good idea! Moving on cleaning day :-) Great house too and deliciously contradicting lunch platter! Maybe I will try that on "do tax today" day... probably have to move country for that through.

  4. lustig, ich bin heut auch schon den ganzen tag am putzen - aber es ist sehr warm, schwül und gewitterstimmung und es geht langsam vorwärts...;)
    "putzige"grüße von birgit

  5. How clever of your to schedule a fun day. If you never intended to clean you can't fail at it. Your daughter has a model face! ~ Maureen

  6. House cleaning can always wait! I adored seeing pictures of your resourceful daughter and her friend. The teepee is lovely. I am sure much fun was had in there!

  7. your thinking! Cute pics of the kids having fun :)

  8. I agree...the cleaning can wait! The kids are only kids for so long and if they'll let you hang with them for a while, you should do it! What cute pictures!

  9. The little tent looks great and seems like lots of fun inside it - I'm jealous :)

  10. This is awesome! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! We definitely need to be blog buddies! :)

  11. Those kids are adorable. House cleaning day can be a fun time especially when you have the kids to help out with a few things. Then again you can always clean another time. Nice post and great pics.

    1. thank you :-). did at least some cleaning today...

  12. Cute pics,bet the tepee was a lot of fun.I agree with Danni, kids are only kids for a very short time )-;

    I can always find something better to do then clean house. Being crafty is so much more fun.

    I came by to turn the email response on, since it was off, but I can't find how.Sorry I'm still new to blogging and don't quite have everything figured out yet. Could you please tell me how to turn the email response on? I thought that I just had to check a box here on your site. But no box.

    1. Here is a link that explains how to turn your email address on:
      good luck, let me know if you have problems

  13. Great teeppee! I'm always finding ways to do something else when it's house cleaning day....hmm maybe we should all live in teepees, we would get rid of innecesary things and teepee cleaning is definitely easier and quicker!!

  14. Wow! That is cute and fun! And what a contrast from the day before. One has got to love that age!

  15. Schickes Zelt...und dann wer auch noch Pipi Langstrumpf zu Besuch? Das Mädel könnte sich glatt für eine Neuverfilmung melden- soooo cute!

    ...ich hab auch nur halbherzig kurz durchgesaugt- reicht ;-) dafür ist viel zu schönes Wetter!

    1. Sie hat sogar den passenden Charakter :-).
      Great fun in small doses...
      Alles Liebe, hoffe, Ihr habt immer noch schönes Wetter!

  16. Teepees must be popular...we saw one at a local beach that has an adjoining park. A kayaker had a teepee set up with a little table outside it that had a little stove on it and two teapots. It made me want a cup of tea! It made Jerry want to build a teepee!!!...Eva's is very welcoming...glad your day was simply fun!
    By the way, could you post your recipe for mousse au chocolat. Not sure what it is, but it sounds good!!!!

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