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Sunday 3 June 2012

Party impressions

The party is over!

It was a huge success, nothing got broken, nobody got burned (I had my doubts about doing a fondue with 17 excited kids), and the boys did dance eventually (after all the lights apart from the disco ball got turned off...).

We even managed to clean up, and fit all the pieces of the different fondue sets I borrowed where they belonged.

Due to being kept rather busy filling up kiddies champagne and food, and keeping a discrete eye on things ('shoo shoo mama, shoo shoo' is what Eva said whenever she caught sight of me), I didn't take many pictures.

But here are just some random impressions.

We are blessed with two houses on our property. This one here is where my man works and occasionally sleeps, and then there is the girl's house.

The party was taking place in his studio, which needed a thourough clean-up a bit of work:

In the middle of the preparations, before the red carpet was put in:

 Easy way to make place cards:

Busy setting the table. I got caught up and didn't take any pics once it was finished:

The birthday girls hair-do:

Testing the red carpet, shortly before the guests arrive:

The Master of Ceremony, interviewing one of the guests:

Watching the procession down the red carpet:

Eva and a friend:

The Master of Ceremony:

And now I will lie on the couch and read!

Have a lovely, relaxed, beautiful Sunday,


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  1. looks like you made a great party ... awesome idea to have a fondue party!

  2. Oh my gosh!! I so wish I'd had you for a mom when I was a kid!!! That table looks so elegant and fondue?? Awesome! Not to mention a disco ball! Your decorations are beautiful! What a fun theme party!

  3. Nice photos Jutta!
    We had a good time, thanks.

  4. A pleasure to follow you. I do hope you stay, and become great blogger friends

  5. I am happy that the party was a success. Eva will have these memories of her party for the rest of her life to enjoy. Your a great mom!

  6. What an incredible party. Seriously, it felt like it had the perfect Hollywood vibe. You did an amazing job decorating. It was so simple yet so impactful. AND, your daughter is beautiful. Great job!

  7. Wow! What a party ~ great photos ~ is that two Yorkies I saw on red carpet ~ Lovely home ~ lovely family ~ Fun party ~ thanks, ^_^

    1. Thanks :-). The two little dogs are both wire-haired dachshungs, the one in front is still a puppy, 5 months old

  8. Jutta,
    You certainly earned your relaxing Sunday. So great that the guests dressed up and enjoyed the Hollywood Red Carpet theme which you created so fun! I really like your placecards - fantastic idea.
    Glad there was a Master of Ceremony...
    All in all you made a wonderful party for Eva who looked beautiful as usual.
    Love to you, Kay


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