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Monday, 11 June 2012

Second living room

Our house started off as a tiny three-room cottage. The walls are build with cow dung and clay, and you can feel
the walls breathe (but you can't hang up anything remotely heavy...).

Over the years six more rooms have been added, three on either side of the original three.
Every room in the house has at least two doors, and if you so wish you can spend hours running around in circles
(luckily nobody wishes to do that anymore, it used to drive me bonkers when Eva was smaller...).

Because of these additions, the room in the middle of the house doesn't have any windows. We put in a big glass
door on one side and an arch on the other, so it is pretty light anyway. It gets used as a kind of second living room.

Here are some pics for you:

A beautiful start to a brand-new week!



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  1. LOVE the lambs.. Vrey cute.. Great space.. I featured you this week in my Mannequin Monday as a fav from last week.. Hope you cna link again today pweease.. TY, wishing you a beautiful week.. :))

  2. For room with no windows it is wonderfully light, such a nice bright room.

  3. I like the different textures you've got going on in this room. Also love the photo-face doll. I remember seeing a tutorial on these a few months ago. Love the paper lantern lamp and the colorful quilt. That comfy rug would have my socks off in an instant!

  4. Jutta it's so lovely! I love the wood and the wicker together. I also love those lambs....did you make them?? Does your cuckoo clock work? I love those too! Everything looks so nice and put together in such a lovely way.

  5. Jutta, I love everything in here! I don't know where to start... the owl pillow? the lambs? the Ocho de Dios, which I never realized it was so big??? The light of the room, even if there are no windows? The warmth of the wood tones and the granny square blankie? I'm pinning it NOW
    PS: congratulations on your Beautiful photography :)

  6. I love your home. It looks so inviting, interesting and comfortable. I also love that granny square afghan. Thanks for letting us look around.

  7. oh my gosh, those sheep are absolutely dreamy, but the owl is priceless, love the look on its face, such personality!

  8. Simply gorgeous! Love the way you've decorated it & looks so comfy! Your home is so lovely! Hugs to you & Eva! Have a lovely day Jutta! :)

  9. love your house. Wish we could come over and play with Eva:) Its fun getting to know something about you. I will have to check out someof your organizing info. Do you have a good place to start you can show me in a link. We are trying so hard to become more organized. Its a big challenge with my health and 7 children. Blessings!


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