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Monday 3 September 2012


Some bits and pieces of what is happening around here.

My new favorite reading spot. I moved the bath we cut open next to the house wall into the shade. The perfect place to be
on a Sunday (or any other day...):


The chicken's favorite hang-out. Not too long ago there was groundcover with little purple flowers, now there is lovely dust:

Eva's favorite books: The Septimus Heap series by Angie Sage. Wizards, dragons, and a very cool princess.
I must admit I am hooked too:

 Favorite faded beauty:

Favorite magazine: It is in Dutch so I do not understand everything, but the layout is beyond gorgeous!

Favorite occupation (I know, I know, but I find it so gratifying):

Favorite daughter playing with favorite camera (and wearing favorite geek glasses...):

Favorite evening light:

Have a wonderful day!

Lots of love,


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  1. Your back garden looks gorgeously tidy and clean! It looks perfect for any day reading. Wishing you a favorite day!

  2. ich freu mich, dass ich wieder bei dir reinschauen kann;) und in dem magazin würde ich auch gern mal blättern... schöne favoriten hast du da zusammengestellt:)
    herzlichste grüße von birgit

  3. I love your favorites! I always love seeing a glimpse of your life! I'm curious...what is the thing that is plugged in above your sink??

  4. Lovely favorites! Have a nice week start Jutta!

  5. And you are my fave yoga teacher....

  6. hallöchen
    toller post.
    dieser boiler, genau sooo einen hatten wir zu hause in der küche ( 1960/ 70er ).

    und deine tochter; ein so hübsches mädchen.

    aber wem sage ich das. das muß bei euch in der familie liegen. ganz besonders fotogen ist auch dein dem post wo ihr in deutschland gewandert seit.

    sag´s ihnen nicht, sonst heben sie ab ;-)

    liebe grüße

  7. Pics are lovely as always. I'm a Septimus fan as well. I, like Danni, was wondering about the plug-in near the sink!

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