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Tuesday 23 October 2012

Art journal

After seeing this:

for most of the morning, the internet is finally back on and I can hopefully get this post published.

For years now I have been fascinated by artist journals. I love Dan Eldon's book and spent quite some time trying to create something similar. Unfortunately it never worked out.

Then a friend of mine who is also an art teacher offered a journaling workshop  (my man says that this word does not exist,
when I told him about the workshop, he understood that I am going to a channeling class and am talking to spirits...).

I  jumped at the chance to finally learn how to do it!

On the first evening she told us to write about something we don't like, then cover the writing with paint, and then do something with the page. Ok.

I fought with the page for two hours, and what came out had nothing to do with the art journals of my imagination.
The next two sessions where not much better.

And then I finally relaxed, used lots of glitter glue, and began to have fun.

What I now produce still has very little to do with my aesthetic ideals, but it feels much more honest, and it has started to grow
on me.

Here some pages from my journal:

Lots of love to you, have a fantastic day!


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  1. That is lovely Jutta! I have often admired art journals, but have never tried one. This may be just what I need for the upcoming winter days. I'm inspired!

  2. I love it! i thought of telling you my favorites, but decided against it. An art journal is an expression of your thoughts and who you are, so the more you can let go of the idea of what you want it to look like, the more you you will find out what yours is going to look like = unique and spectacular. Have fun, mess in it, try out all ideas and very importantly: allow the mistakes, the un-pretty and shadow parts in it - you will realise, often they are the best.

    1. Thanks so much dear Imke! What a beautiful comment. It took me a while to get over the disappointment when my ideas of what i wanted to do and my abilities clashed. the more i see it as an exploration instead of 'making art' the easier it goes.
      Hugs to you

  3. I took an amazing online art journaling class a while back. I found some great ideas that I can incorporate when I'm in a mood to get creative in my journal. There were also things that I knew I'd never use. Still, it was interesting to learn about them and give them a try once. Hanna at
    is a great source for art journaling ideas.

  4. Love your art journal! I have always been fascinated by art journaling too, but have never indulged. I must get into this!! Love it.

  5. Very cool. Thank you for sharing yours!

  6. It looks great and really interesting. Wonder what those pages all represent to you... :-) The more you do, the more your style will develop - although, personally I think this does look like "your" style! I like the free-ness of the style mine would be much more ordered - which would really not make me happy! Ha ha ha

    1. Thank you dear Suzi :-). While I would really prefer to have your eye and ability for design! Hugs

  7. dein heft ist wundervollst! ich bewundere dich, dass du sowas muße benötigendes nebenbei werkelst... und computerprobleme können echt den stärksten hund umwerfen;)
    liebste grüße von birgit

    1. Vielen Dank liebe Birgit :-). Das geht nur mit dem journal, weil wir uns jeden Donnerstag abend treffen und nur machen. Ohne Kinder etc. Sonst würde ich das auch nicht hin bekommen.
      Alles Liebe Dir und einen schönen Tag!

  8. Wow, so many new pages! They are gorgeous!
    I love the one with the froggy. Looks like some cool, happy, free dive
    Looking forward working a little bit in mine again actually :-)

    Big kiss!

    1. Thanks dear Esther! The froggy is there to remind me to just jump in when doing the pages without thinking so much :-).
      looking forward to tomorrow!

  9. What a beautiful peek into your mind and your journal. You are a very talented lady.


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