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Monday 29 October 2012

Bits and pieces of the weekend

For some time now I have been edgy in my home. There is just too much stuff in there at the moment.
Too many cute things, too many crafted things, to many colors.

I am craving the clarity of Scandinavian or Japanese houses, white with some earthy colors or some pastel,
different soft textures, light and space.

So this weekend was spent with a big clean-out. All the cute things went into boxes in the storeroom, and
now I can breathe again.

Unfortunately now I can also see much clearer the cracks on the walls and the smudges on the paint.
This house needs some serious TLC...

I started by re-painting my kitchen shelves. They used to be yellow, and I painted grey over it when we moved in.
Now I gave it another layer of grey. It looked really beautiful until I decided that the paint was try and
put the things back onto the shelves. Unfortunately the paint was not quite dry yet.

So sometimes this week I will do some more kitchen shelf painting...

Here some pictures of our weekend:

On Friday I discovered that the local stationary shop now sells 'Mollie Makes'!  This made me very happy :-).
Unfortunately, with all the cleaning, I haven't looked at it yet. But I know it is there, waiting for me:


Another book I am very keen on reading but haven't started yet:

These beauties escaped the big clean-out:

Painting my formerly dark brown mirror frame:



The very first rain! Eva went to dance in it, but I wasn't allowed to take a picture of that :-):

Sunday morning breakfast :

Frida, nearly caught in the act. Why is it that the chickens eat the dog food, the dogs eat the cat food, and the cats
make a run for the human food when nobody is looking?:

What counts as fun when you are a dachshund:

The beautiful orchids my friend Malaika left in my care when she moved to Germany:

The pantry cupboard, after the clean-out (couldn't bring myself to photograph the before :-) ):

Flowers don't last in our current heatwave. But I quite like these eucalyptus branches:


Parts of sunday's dinner:

 Wishing you a wonderful start to a happy week!

Lots of love,


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  1. I just always love your blog and your house and reading what you are doing. it is such a great inspiration... I would have to urgently do a clean-out at my place, i just have no idea where to start and am just dreading it. oh, and i am getting a bad conscience, it has been ages since I have written my last blog... hugs

  2. I, too, go through phases where I just have to declutter the decorations. I'm glad to see that the rocks stayed. I LOVE my rocks. My house and garden are filled with rocks I've brought back from trips to the Adirondacks, canyons out west, and beaches.

  3. dein wochenende muss eine ewigkeit gedauert haben, liebe jutta;) so viele und so viel schöne,alltägliche und liebenswerte bilder!
    liebst birgit

    1. Dankeschön liebe Birgit. Ging trotzdem viel zu schnell vorbei...
      Hugs, Jutta

  4. While some people are getting ready for chilly weather, others are going through the big spring cleaning! Love your "escaped" rock collection :)

  5. What beautiful pictures. I am glad you are feeling better after you decluttering and attempts at freshening things up.

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