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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

We built this city - a DIY

My mum is a subscriber to the German magazine 'Landlust'. She told me that the newest edition features some little
houses made out of pieces of wood.

I have been feeling the crafty itch for some time now. But I really do not want to have another cute, colorful, self-made
thing in my house (seeing that I just did my big clean-out).

I could of course produce lots of Christmas present, but I am not sure that my loved-ones want cute, colorful, crafted
things either :-).

Making wooden houses sounded nicely down to earth. Although maybe not necessarily very useful...
But I decided that not having a crafty itch anymore is worth producing something that is again going to stand around.

At least they fit in nicely with my newly re-discovered love of all things natural.

To make them, saw a roof-shaped piece off your wooden block, and draw a door and some windows on.

And that's it, a DIY in one sentence :-).

They look nicely rustic and a bit christmassy, without being too in your face (at least that's what I think :-) ).
I hope you also like them (especially if you are a friend with a birthday coming up...)

Have a wonderful day filled with love and little lights,


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  1. I totally agree. I love the look of rustic wood. Using them to create houses is a great idea. I am sure they'll make some great Christmas gifts.

  2. How cool, you can make one-sentence tutorials!!!! WOW!
    I like your little houses, they are cute!
    Biiiig hug back!


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