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Friday 16 November 2012

Renovation update

We are now busy with our bedroom.

The two rooms that haven't been touched yet (my office and the dining/hang-out room) are filled with things.
Little things, big things, dirty things, cute things, chipped things, sentimental things, and plenty of things with no home.

I am getting SO tired of the mess.

At least by now the kitchen is functional again, although I haven't put anything back onto the (newly) painted shelves.
This time I will be very patient and make sure that they are properly dry before stacking the heavy dishes on...

This is what it looks like in the rooms that are not done yet:

Getting to my desk is rather difficult at the moment, which is also why I am way behind with answering e-mails. Please bear
with me, I love reading your wonderful comments, and will respond once progress has been made in the house:

Here is Eva's room. So far she refuses to put anything else back in:

And the kitchen:

And now for some more painting and sorting and cleaning...

Have a wonderful Friday!

Lots of love, 


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  1. Liebe Jutta,
    hab Dank, für deinen schönen Kommentar!
    Ganz ehrlich, das kann ich nur zurückgeben.
    Der Kühlschrank mit den alten Holzkisten und Kannen sieht so schön aus. Aber auch die anderen Sachen, die ich bis jetzt erblickt habe, machen mir Freude!
    Danke dafür.
    Liebe Grüße aus Berlin

  2. :-) You're getting there dear Jutta!
    Lots of love!

  3. Oh my! I kind of forgot about what it was like to live in a house you are renovating! Craziness isn't it? Glad you're on the downhill side of it now girl!

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