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Friday 9 November 2012

The spirits that I called, or, the joys of renovating

My beautiful, clean house has turned into a dusty, dirty, messy space.

After discovering that the healing room ceiling had been eaten by termites, we went into the roof (a 60 cm high, hot, dusty,
dark crawl space).

Over the many years of its lifetime, the parapet walls have started to disintegrate, and the low space under the roof is filled
with dust. That dust sprinkles (and occasionally rains) down on us through the wooden ceiling.

So for the last couple of days we have been up there, cleaning, vacuuming and getting very dirty. As has my house...
It looks like the dust has just been re-distributed, from upstairs to downstairs.
At least the termites seem to have left. If anyone needs the services of a termite whisperer, let me know :-).

The only room in the whole house that is serene, clean and beautiful is the healing room.

I can't wait for the house to get back to a liveable state. Also can't wait to spend my free time blogging and drinking tea
instead instead of renovating...

Here some healing room impressions (there were some questions as to why the space is called 'healing room', I work as
an energy healing facilitator and this is my work room :-) ).

My friend Esther crocheted and starched some beautiful bowls. I took a short-cut to something similar by starching an old
doily. I also sewed some doilies onto a woolen blanket:

Then we built a little shelf out of two boxes and some pallet parts:

I also took some thick rope and embedded fairy lights into it. To do that, turn the rope open with both hands and press the cable
of the fairy lights in the opening. I saw this idea some time ago on Pinterest, but couldn't find it now and can't remember where it came from:

And now for the other 8 rooms...

Have a gorgeous, dust-free Friday!

Lots of love,


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  1. Wow, you have such a way to make us jealous with your pictures of so much beauty, and even make the less pretty parts of your life fade away...
    Hugs, imke

  2. Is it not amazing how doing a room can mess up so much of the rest of the house? Love your healing room.

  3. Love the white. Love the simplicity. Love it all actually.
    A very healing space.

    1. Thank you dear Susi :-). Come and visit when we are done and have tea with me!

  4. WAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH! Your room is totally LOVELY!!! It is GORGEOUS dear Jutta! And the photography is STUNNING!! I can't wait to see it again in real life! I miss you, and I will tell you all about the seminar. It gets better everyday. Still buzzing from today.
    BIIIIIIGGGG hug, from me, and from Home :-)
    Love, love, love

    1. Miss you too! thanks for your lovely comment, have become quite fond of your space too. it is wonderful to work from.
      big hug

  5. What a beautiful room. I can see why it is your healing room. I am sure those that enter already feel better and have a sense of peace and calm. I know the frustrations about home improvement all too well. Hope you get back to a dust free home soon.

  6. I love your healing room! It's so clean and beautiful! The rope with the lights looks beautiful, what a great idea. Have a nice weekend :)

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