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Saturday 26 January 2013

Bits and bobs

First of all, thank you so much for your encouraging, supporting, warm and beautiful comments and e-mails on my last post.
It made me feel so much better! I am still going to answer you individually.

Here some bits and pieces from our Friday:

Where Eva is now:

Daily routine:

Such a beautiful smell! Lavender from my friend Jill:

Lovely paw:

What I found on my camera after asking Eva to take a picture of me while doing yoga for an upcoming article:



Another motto:

Some things escaped the big clean-out after Christmas. I quite enjoy having them there:


Postcard from a favorite friend, and drawing from a favorite daughter:

 Can that really be comfortable?:

Eva on the internet, looking for stuff on One Direction. Not too long ago, I had no idea who they are. Now I constantly have their songs stuck in my head (even if Eva is asleep and is not playing their music at full volume). Living with pre-teens is quite an education :-):


  Mum and daughter at a dinner with friends:

Time to go home:

Have a beautiful weekend!

Lots of love,


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  1. I always love your photo posts! My son tole me once that dogs feet smell like popcorn!! Cute self pic Eva did!!

  2. Danke Jutta!As usual you are adding a sparkle to my day. Hugs and have a great weekend!

  3. You look terrific in the new outfit! The beauty of putting together a photo post is seeing all the good things together and being reminded of how great most of life is. Your day looked pretty darn good!

  4. Jutta, I rarely see you in pictures anymore...unless they are showing off a new outfit (with your camera in your face), or trying out photo editing techniques but I have been reminded how STUNNING you are. Living with a 4 year old, my music education is limited to princess music :).

  5. Enjoyed the photos. You have a lovely daughter. Takes after her Mama! :-) Animal lover too; that's wonderful.

    1. Thank you dear Debbie. we are big animal lovers :-) (4 dogs, 3 cats and some chickens)


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