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Wednesday, 16 January 2013


It started to rain.
It started raining
It has started to rain
The rain has started
It is starting to rain
It is raining...

Taking my writing seriously again might not be such a brilliant idea. My first sentence already gets me stuck.

So here are some pictures instead, of the rain, of my wonderfully dark house, looking so different from its usual sunny self.
And of my chickens (bird brains?). Getting wet next to their big, dry, open coop…

You see what you focus on (and if you focus under the grill, you see the chickens):

Lots of love, and have a beautiful day,


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  1. Love your blog, love your writings, love your pictures....have al lovely day!

    1. How sweet of you! Thank you so much dear Karen :-)

  2. Hi Jutta - danke für deinen Kommentar gestern. Während du dich über den Regen freust, habe ich eben gerade Flugpreise nach Namibia sehnsüchtig angeschaut, um dem irischen Regen zu entkommen...
    I am intrigued by your kitchen wallpaper. Sind das Seiten aus einem Buch? Sieht cool aus.

    1. Au ja, komm besuchen! Ja, in meiner Küche kleben die Seiten von einem uralten Deutsch-Russisch Lexikon an der Wand...

  3. I love to write--when it's finished. The actual process of writing is quite difficult for me.

    I love all your photos, but that Buddha and drums shot is my favorite this time. I've been looking for zen-like photos to put in my new meditation/yoga room. (That's what you do with the empty rooms when the kids leave the nest;-}) Your photo showing the two contrasting pieces in a moment of calm says so much more. It made me smile

  4. Being at home always feels especially cozy when there are raindrops against the windows. Here, it's been said, there will be snow on the weekend. I really hope it will happen!

    Can I compliment you on your home again? I really love your taste and your rooms look so serene. If you ever feel like swapping for a while, to spent some time in an absolutely non-serene, messy house in England, let me know. I mean it! :o)

    P.S.: Hope the words are going to unfurl for you.

  5. I am SO HAPPY for the rain!!! At least here, it's a very seldom guest, and every time it happens feels like Christmas! :)
    As for the Writing, you have to do what you like the best. maybe it's not perfect, but in the process we can make things better!
    I love mostly everything you do, because of your free creative mind :)

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