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Wednesday 3 August 2011

Some more things to make

Here are some more ideas for things that are pretty easy to make:

To make this gorgeous light, take a paper lampshade and lots of cupcake forms and glue them together...
So simple and so pretty!

A new way to display photos. Couldn't be simpler :-)

This flower explosion is made of coffee filters and little round self-adhesive dots (not sure what these things are called in english :-) )

Put your hand on some cardboard, draw around it, cut it out and mount on a piece of wood. Lovely project to do with kids. Can be also used to hang up your jewellery.

  These beautiful shelves are made out of old pallets. Saw parts of and nail to the wall.

 What a gorgeous cake stand! Buy a wooden cut-off at your crafts shop (they are cleaned already) and glue on a piece of branch.

Isn't it pretty! Take a picture and have it enlarged for your little king/queen.

All Pictures by Pinterest

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