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Friday 21 October 2011


During my visit to Germany I bought some beautiful wool. For some reason we don't get stuff like that in Namibia, so I was pretty starved and started to crochet lots and lots of granny squares (another reason why there are so many is that I do not like to sew up the threads....).

Anyway, by now I have run out of wool again and have to tackle the finishing. One of my cats is already quite keen on the blanket :-). I will post a picture once the blanket is finished.

Let me know if you want crocheting instructions for the squares.

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  1. Great that you found the wool. They look lovely!

  2. Thank you, now just for the finishing...

  3. They're beautiful! Can't wait to see what you do with them! Thank you for linking to Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  4. Thanks :-) I am nearly done with sewing up the threats. Looking forward to putting it together!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished blanket, Jutta. I've always wanted to learn to crochet, but I never seem to find the time. ;)

    Thanks for linking to Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you again this week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage

  6. Thanks Liz, i am busy crocheting the pieces together and will show the finished blanket on Time Travel.
    You should really try crocheting, it is a lot of fun :-).
    have a lovely sunday, all the very best

  7. ..cute designs..

    i want to know how to sewing up the threats..

    *_* maica *_* Buy and Sell

  8. Hello dear Maica, you just use a needle and pull the threat back and forth through the crocheted piece a couple of times, so it doesn't unravel anymore. Just do it in such a way that it doesn't show.


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