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Thursday 20 October 2011

Lovely crafty things to do

I couldn't resist another post about beautiful projects.
Once again, most are self-explanatory.
And with the weekend coming up, it is the perfect time to get busy.


This is similar to all the beautiful cake stands popping up all over the web. I made mine using an old shower rod as a pole. I cut the tins open with a knife, but i am sure using a drill will work just as well.

 If you want to do that, drill some small holes at the bottom of the can, fix it to the wall with a screw, fill and enjoy!

 Put some fibre rich cloth (I have no idea what these things are called, but you get them at the nursery (brown colour, looks a bit like the hair of a coconut) into the colander, fill with earth, plant and hang up.

 I made a seat like that for the garden, it is so comfy and can stay outside come rain or shine.
To cut the bath use an electrical saw (mark first).

This is a small version of the gorgeous big wallpaper animals and gets made the same way. Find a shape you like on the internet or draw one, have it enlarged to the size desired, and cut it out of wallpaper or scrapbooking paper.

Isn't it cute :-). Also a wonderful reason to drink some wine

 A very pretty variation on the string lampshade. Can't wait to try that one out!

 Isn't it sweet? Cut the top out in the required size, insert the mirror, put some shelves up and hang up to be admired

Another very simple yet beautiful idea, again self explainatory

I also really like this use for an old suitcase. The legs elevate it in more ways then one :-)

Find some beautiful cups, melt wax in a double bath, when the wax has cooled down a bit add aromatherapy oils (some drops are enough), keep the wick in place by knotting it to a pencil put over the cup, fill in the wax and let set.
A very handy gift to bring to a dinner party, give to your child's teacher, or use yourself next to a relaxing hot bath....

All pictures through Pinterest

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