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Thursday 8 December 2011

Pet peeves and positive thinking

Going on holidays is really really wonderful.

Packing for the holidays, on the other hand, is not quite so wonderful.
In fact I find it so yucky that I would rather not go on holiday than having to face it.

Ok, this is not quite true. I wouldn't mind throwing a credit card into my purse and taking off, but for some weird reason I never actually had this kind of holiday.

Our holidays normally involve schlepping a large part of our worldly belongings around with us.
(Question to ponder on the side: Why is it that a child that is very happy to run around in the same dirty clothes for days on end needs most of her wardrobe when going away for a weekend?)

Luckily the preparations for our usual trips to Germany won't face me anymore in the future.

Because now I have started crawling up conquered (positive thinking!) a real packing mountain.

We are going camping. Into the desert. For two weeks.
Sleeping under the stars, listening to the silence, peace and quiet and no shops. Bliss!

Unfortunately this also means that we have to take along all we will need and eat.

And this is a LOT of stuff.

My suggestion to do a fast didn't go down too well with the rest of the household, so I had to write lists. Then I had to go to the shops. Then I had to go to the shops again. Then I wrote more lists. Then I will have to go to the shops yet again (after being finished with procastinating).

Then I have to tell my better half to please start getting the car ready, which will be more like PLEASE start getting the car ready, or even, please START GETTING THE CAR READY!

We want to leave tomorrow and he had the brilliant idea to enclose the back of the landrover with shade netting, to keep it cooler and to make it more difficult for people we might meet on the way that maybe haven't planned as well as we did to relieve us of our stuff (btw, this is a typical German sentence. Sorry for all you native English speakers who find it odd to string so many words together without breaks, consider it a cultural education).

So far he has bought the shade netting. And this is where it stopped.

Knowing from experience that by eight o'clock tomorrow morning, I, (being German), will be packed and ready to leave as previously agreed on; and he, being African, will have another cup of coffee, read some e-mails and generally behave as if we have all the time in the world (which, to be fair, we kind of have, but I want to spend that time going places and not getting more and more agitated while pacing back and forth....).

I better have another emergency positive thinking session straight away:

It will be so great once we start driving :-)
The desert is really really really stunningly beautiful and I am going there!!
We have been going on holidays together for 16 years and somehow always managed to leave eventually.

See, I am feeling much better!

Have a wonderful holiday where ever you are spending it and the best of luck with the packing :-).

I send you some sun, solitude and silence.

See you again after Christmas!

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  1. Hi Jutta, I hope you had a wonderful holiday camping. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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