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Tuesday 6 December 2011

Sunday Snippets or 'How not to make bird food'

My daughter and her friend, all dressed up in their pre-teen loveliness.

'Mum, can we go to the mall?'

If there is one thing I don't want to do it is going to the mall, on a Sunday, before Christmas, right after pay-day.
No no no.
When I was young we used to play outside, we climbed trees, built houses out of branches...
Obviously, this doesn't convince them one bit.

The mood (together with the sky), darkens.

I am very tempted to enlarge this picture and hang it up, as a warning of things to come...

'Go ask daddy' (sorry love).
And he, bless him, actually takes them after he finished preparing dinner (note to self, please re-read this post before saying 'why do you never...' the next time).

And I go straight back to my couch.

Hardly ten minutes later (at least it felt that way) they are back.

'What can we do now?'

Draw something, bake some brownies, read, check if the tomatoes have grown, walk the dogs, clean your room, do your homework....

'We want to make something'

Have to remind myself that it IS wonderful that they want to be creative. And I remember something lovely I saw on a blog this morning (I am very sorry if it was your idea, I couldn't find it again).

'Lets make some pretty bird food'

Ok, seeds, the sunflower kernels that were supposed to go into our salad, my (very pricey, very organic, very extra virgin) coconut oil and two happily occupied kids (for about 5 minutes).

Once they are done they want to hang their creation. We first put it in the fridge where it hardens nicely.

And then I have a little 'Aha' moment: If coconut oil is see-through and fluid while standing in the cupboard it will NOT stay solid hanging from a tree.

So much for this little crafty idea....


I managed to take it out for a bit to take a picture (leaving on oily spot an my wall in the process), and now it is back in the fridge.

And it will probably stay there until next winter.

Sorry birds, you will have to make do with my pommegranates for the time being.

Wishing you a lovely day full of nice moments and  little blessings :-).


  1. LOL!!! Loved reading your post! Very funny! Hope you could clean your greasy spot.

  2. Oh my sounds like my day yesterday. Everything went wrong until the night. Then we had this gorgeous Christmas ummm well tree like creation we call it the Christmas cage but it is our tree made from a tomato cage. I may have the picture up soon on:

  3. And I LOVE your comments dear Esther! Come and check out the greasy spot on Thursday :-)

    Jenifer, i answered on your blog, thanks so much for stopping by, am very curious about the tomate cage tree :-)


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