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Friday 6 January 2012

Beauty for the homeowner...

A lot of my time and effort goes into making my home beautiful, stylish, organized and lovely.
I buy interior design magazines and books, I think about what would work where, I fiddle and move
and beautify and have lots of fun in the process.

My own appearance, on the other hand, hardly gets a second thought.
Mascara is the only make-up I bother with and my clothes are comfy and grey (I don't even own an
ironing board, so you can see how bad it is :-) ).

Until yesterday, I also didn't have a wardrobe. Just a white curtain in the bedroom that was hiding my
clothes and a LOT of other things.
For the last five days, my man and a friend build me a beautiful wooden cupboard.

I love it, and so  I decided to only put clothes back in that I also love AND that make me look good.

This was really difficult to do, mainly because I realized that most things I wear look frumpy.
They also look decidedly unisex.

Which is a pity because I LOVE being a woman!

So instead of being lazy from now on I will be stylish, organized, lovely and beautiful, just like my
house :-).

Luckily I have a wonderful role model in my gorgeous daughter. She loves everything to do with
fashion and comes up with the most daring and interesting combinations.
She agreed to be my fashion adviser, photographer and critic.

Yesterday we finished the big cupboard clean-out and decided on some combinations that look good
and are wearable for a recovering grey mouse.

Thanks sweetheart!

And once I am clearer on what really works for me I will go shopping. Can't wait :-)

But first I have to practice walking in heels.....


  1. You look great! Love the heels! Will you return the grey yoga outfit back for something colorful as well then? :)

  2. Thank you dear Esther :-).
    Can't give them back, my yoga people wouldn't recognize me in color...

  3. wahahaha! What did you tell me yesterday....? Something like: "Nice try". ;-)

  4. The spirits that i've cited....
    Can we agree that you go easy on me with the truth speaking? :-)

  5. YOu are so cute! And how sweet of your daughter! Practice wearing those heels cause they make you look goood!! And they are quite stunning, too!
    Thanks for following Hating Martha...happy to follow you back!

  6. oh der gürtel! wundervoll:) und danke für die einladung - wenn afrika nicht so weit wäre;););)
    nochmalgrüße von birgit


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