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Saturday 7 January 2012

Love, love, love....

We are so often our own worst critics. I know all the arguments for being hard on yourself: 
it makes you grow, this is how you learn, spare the rod and spoil the child…. 

Most of us grew up with this kind of stuff, and if you escaped it in your family you got it in school
and at work. 

And now it is so much easier for us to criticize ourselves then to praise ourselves. 

But whenever you do that you WILL feel worse. 
It pulls you down.
It makes you sad or angry or depressed.

How can this ever be good?  

Of course there are times when you could have reacted better, when you could have been smarter,
when you made a mistake or hurt somebody.   

If that is the case apologize and then let it go. 
No need to carry it around, no need to re-visit it or mull it over or beat yourself up.

You are not helping. 

ANYBODY, no matter where they come from, no matter their age or sex or culture, responds better
to praise then to criticism. 
Even you  :-)

Cut yourself some slack. Start loving who you are, if you think you deserve it or not.

And the easiest way to do that is to not allow any thoughts that pull you down.
Your body, your mind is your temple, this is the only place you have to feel safe and loved and beautiful.  

So what are you doing letting these negative thoughts in? 
If it doesn’t make you feel good, kick it out.

And when you feel better you will effortlessly behave better, be kinder, be more loving…


Doesn’t that sound good?  :-)


Jutta, who now has to go back to doing the washing 

Post scriptum for all non-desert-dwellers

The secret to making it rain:

- hang up as much washing as possible
- wash your car
- water the garden AND 
- plan an outdoor party!

Et voila, the clouds are building :-)


  1. Well that was a lovely thing to read first thing in the morning! :) It is true. Attitude is everything!

    Thank you for stopping by and following my blog. But I don't see your blog added to the list of followers??? I am enjoying reading your blog and I am following you now. :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. No matter how loved or loving you are, there are times when you only have yourself. Hopefully, we've done the work to be comfortable in that place. Thanks for the thoughts! ~ Maureen

  3. Thank you for following. I hope your berries do well.

  4. Great post, and so true. I'm following you back. Have a lovely day!


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