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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Down by the river

Today was one of these days that doesn't really get going.
Or better, I didn't really get going :-)

Wandering back and forth, starting one thing, leaving it, starting the next thing, nothing flows.
I feel like a caterpillar, cocooned in and waiting, not very patiently....

Then I took the dogs to the river behind our house.

River is a actually a gross exhilaration. It is a riverbed containing rocks and rubbish and no water. The first time somebody called this a river I laughed, but then I realized that this is as good as it gets in Namibia, and I started to call it river too. 

But now it is the rainy season and we had a couple of showers last week. 

And when I got there everything was green!
There were reeds and there was grass and there were the most gorgeous sunflowers!

And even a trinkle of water.

What a wonderful reminder that what is meant to flower will flower, when the time and the conditions are right.

Or, to stay with my metaphor, become a butterfly :-)

Lots of love


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  1. Sunflowers ?! Beautiful..

    Mona from Poland :))

  2. These were from behind your house? Lovely flowers - I love sunflowers - and really nicely arranged.
    Thanks for your comment on my post today - it is hugely gratifying to know someone has read and takes the time to comment. Lots of love to wonderful Namibia!!! S. xxx


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