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Monday 20 February 2012

Chickens don't fly...

For years I have been dreaming of getting chickens. There is just something to the idea of going out in the mornings collecting eggs, of seeing them wander through the garden picking worms, a self-sufficient, farm house, simple living kind of vibe.

I also grew up with stories about my mum's pet chicken that followed her to school and slept on her bed (NOT that I want anybody else sleeping on my bed, it is too crowded in there already :-) ).

So some months ago I changed the playhouse my daughter doesn't use anymore into a chicken home, and kitted it out with nesting boxes and a sleeping platform. I also put a (low-ish) fence around the part of the garden the playhouse sits in.

And then, instead of getting chickens, I waited.

Not quite sure why, it might have had to do with the less than enthusiastic response my man had when I told him about my chicken plans.
Anyway, last Monday he really annoid me. I forgot what he did or probably didn't do, but it served as a good excuse to pay a visit to the pet shop.

They had all kind of different chickens, white fluffy ones with lots of feathers, little golden ones and big brown ones with very long tail feathers. I really liked the look of the golden ones, until I heard the price. You could get a designer handbag for that money. The fluffy ones and the long-tailed beauties weren't much cheaper.

I told the sales person that I don't want pedigree chicks, I just want someone to liven up my yard and lay eggs.
So he showed me to an out-of-the-way cage in which three scruffy looking black and white chicks sat.
I remembered the warning several friends had given me after seeing my chicken enclosure: don't get chickens that can fly, or they will be out of there very quickly.
I told this to the sales person who thought it was very funny, and who assured me that chickens cannot fly, at least not higher then half a meter.

I took his word for it and brought the chickens home. Their excited clucking got the attention of both dachhunds. The dogs started running around the enclosure and the next moment all three chickens were sitting in the surrounding trees.

So much for expert opinions....

Luckily the chicks came down again after some time and the dachshunds kind of accepted that these chickens are not to be chased.

So now I have my chicks:

According to the sales person expert they are all three female and they will start laying in about a month's time. 

I will keep you informed :-)

Have a lovely start of the week


Ps: They are called Frida, Lotti and Gretel

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  1. Yup, chickens can fly. My daughter is giving me some chickens from her rescue farm as soon as I figure out how to build a sturdy enough coop to keep the coyotes and raccoons out. When my kids were little, I kept a few chickens and found poultry very understanding when I went out to the coop and talked out my problems!

  2. We used to have 7 chickens, all with their own, fun personalities & all able to fly. Maybe they can't fly as high or as far as other birds, but they can definitely fly. Ours liked to sleep in the trees & some of them laid green eggs...

    Stopping by to check out your blog & follow you back :)


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