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Tuesday 21 February 2012

Coconut Pralines

One of the many wonderful things about having a blog is that I get to try out all sorts of interesting recipes
that previously (being German) I might have considered a waste of time.

There is really NO comparison between the pleasure I get out of making these bounty balls compared to
doing the washing and sweeping the floors (which I 'should' be doing right now :-)  ).

I found the recipe on this lovely swedish blog.

Here is the translation for you:

You will need

50 g (2 ounces) of butter
2 cups of icing suger
0.5 cups of cream
0.5 cups of designated coconut
1 bar of dark chocolate

Melt the butter and mix with the icing suger, coconut and cream (I am not quite sure if you are supposed to whip the cream first, I didn't and it worked, although the dough is a bit soft), roll little balls and put them in the freezer for at least one hour.
Melt the chocolate and dip the balls in to cover them.
I didn't have enough chocolate so I dipped some of the balls in coconut.

And just to ease my conscience, here some tips for healthier living (for you and me :-) ):

Eat fruit by themselves, best in the morning. Wait about 2 hours before eating anything else.
Eat a big salad before your lunch or dinner.
Eat plenty of veggies.
Don't mix starch and protein.
Drink plenty of water, just not within half an hour of eating.
Take the stairs.
Walk more.
Laugh more.
Love yourself and
Enjoy this beautiful day!



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  1. OMG I love coconut!!! Thanks so much for sharing. I hope I stop drooling so I can make some! :)


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