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Wednesday 8 February 2012

A little project

Earlier I actually started to clean up the store room.

Unfortunately just when I got going I found a whole lot of little wooden scrap pieces.
I just HAD to do something with them immediately.

So here is a little project for everybody who wants to avoid tackling a big project :-).

Get some little wooden blocks, draw, glue or print on them, and hang them up with Prestick
(not sure if that is a uniquely South African thing) or double-sided tape.

Seeing that it is a rather quick project I suggest you then sit down with a cup of tea and admire it until it is too late to start the big project.

I easily and successfully achieved that, unfortunately now it is once again time to cook lunch...


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  1. i like your little ideas and practical advise of how to avoid those horrible big projects. I usually have a guilty conscience to do the cute little fun thing coming up in my mind, because of the dreaded big 'project' and then i end up doing nothing and feeling horrible. so i will try to follow your lead more often. thank you!

  2. :-D Lovely and cute! Lots of love right back @ ya!

  3. I CANNOT keep doing little things and putting off the big ones! But, you did give me an idea. Maybe, just one more day. ~ Maureen


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