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Wednesday 8 February 2012

Puppy love

Today is a much better day :-)

I am enjoying my time on this beautiful planet, and I remember to stay in the moment.
Everything is easier when you are present to it instead of going on a wild trip into the past or future.

You can trust me on that, I have my own personal coach teaching me.

Lola is VERY good at staying in the moment.

I must have told her about 500 times by now to not pee on the carpet, to not eat the big dogs food and to NOT chew the computer cables ...   :-)

She just does whatever occurs to her when it occurs to her and is very happy for it (this is not necessarily recommended when you are not incredibly cute at the same time).

Lots of love to you


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  1. I am so happy to hear that today you can enjoy your time (and the dog too!) Felt sorry about the problems, they are just like babies, the dogs. So many feelings and so little words...

  2. When my daughter dropped her old tom cat off to live with me, my tom was furious. Their fights were vicious and looked like cartoons with flying balls of fur, spraying blood and torn down curtains. It went on for year, off and on, and then they simply stopped it. That's one moment in time I never want to be in again! Sending you "peace" vibes! ~ Maureen


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