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Tuesday 6 March 2012

Chore Jars

My daughter has two week long school holidays coming up and a friend invited her to go to Swakopmund for a couple of days. Swakop is a lovely little sea-side town filled with lovely little shops.

Because of that she wants to have money. So when she looked over my shoulder while I was reading this she became quite excited.

So did I! Do you think a nine year old can make lunch yet?

Anyway, although I loved the way Jo-Anna made her chore system I didn't have metall rings,  pretty paper or bakers twine.

What I did have were lots and lots of little wooden sticks...

This will be a tutorial without words, it really is self-explanatory :-):

Once she has done one of the chores she can put the stick from the 'Chores' into the 'Done' Jar, and once a week
we will do the sums. There are different sticks with the same chore written on them(for example 7 'make lunch' ones!).

Pretty soon I will be broke but will have lots of time on my hands!

Wishing you a wonderful Tuesday,


Ps: In case you are bored: if you can say 'Chore Jars' quickly 50 times without getting your tongue in a twist you will
win a set.

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  1. great idea, I should do this for extra chores, I could use the help:)

  2. It's nice that she gets to choose the chore. I will be interesting to see if she likes the reward enough to do some of the more difficult ones. ~ Maureen

  3. Lovely execution, I'm a jar addict!!! When the "DONE" jar gets full, you can celebrate with a reward gift to yourself. I'm a list freak myself - I love cutting a thick marker line on the list entries that are already done :D

  4. This is a great idea. Now I have to go look for some sticks:)


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