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Sunday 4 March 2012

Shabby (chic?) plant holders

There is a China shop that I drive past nearly every day. The window display is made up of cheap polyester clothes, and I have never been inside.

But at the moment I am on a quest to do one thing every day that I have never done before, and going into the China shop was a painless option :-).

And what a surprise it was!

The shop is huge, and after the cheap clothes, the cheap handbags and the cheap furniture comes a section with (you guessed it) cheap hardware. I found casters for a fifth of the price of what it costs elsewhere, and went a bit wild.

I also found a whole heap of little wooden boxes with chinese writing on that were destined for the rubbish. On the same heap was an old lid for a metall dustbin.

The Chinese lady thought it was very funny that I wanted all that junk but handed it over gracefully. She even got her son to carry it to the car for me.

Now the cacti babies I keep on finding all over the garden (I have a strong suspicion that this is the work of a certain puppy) have a new home.

If you want to do something similar, just drill holes into the lid with a metall drill bit and screw the casters on.

Have a lovely weekend full of nice surprises :-)


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  1. That gets me thinking. I could put castors on a vintage enamel dish pan or, better yet, an old wash tub. Thanks! ~ Maureen

  2. Wow, i love castors and i guess if i could half of my stuff would be mounted on them! So please tell me where this shop is? your photo looks lovely! Amazing, how doing something new everyday is just really changing and charging energies - thanks for sharing this and i will try to take that as inspiration and reminder.

    1. Hallo liebe Imke, der Laden ist zwischen Woermann und Brock und Chelsea in Independence Avenue :-). Bis bald und alles liebe xxx

  3. Really LIKE these planters and the plants. I love the look of cacti plants and you chose just the right containers for them. This store sounds so fun!!!!!.....Thanks again for such a great idea. Have a beautiful week!....Kay

  4. aww lovely plants :) such cute mini cacti plants


  5. Hi Jutta. Thanks very much for your comment on my blog and for liking it over there! :o) I have added you to my daily reading material, too! I love these photos and how you converted that 'junk' into some funky plant holders. That corner of your home looks beautiful, with the big windows and the light!

  6. I've been browsing your blog and love your creative spirit....:) I'm your newest fan...xo

  7. Love what you did with the tray and castors, and the plant in the box. I picked up a cute box at a garage sale last week, was going to use it in my craft room for storage. But might just make it into a planter now.

    Will be on lookout for castors and tray now.

    Thanks for the inspirations.


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