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Friday 2 March 2012

Peaceful and idyllic

A friend of mine commented on how idyllic and peaceful my life seems when reading my posts.

She sounded ever so slightly envious so I decided to set the record straight.

Here is what a typical morning looks like in our household:

I get up VERY early (this morning it was 4.35), not because I want to but because the puppy wakes up.
If I don’t take her out immediately she pees on the bed.

After spending 10 minutes with her in the pitch dark I recon she has peed (too dark to see).
We go back in, she heads straight for the carpet and leaves yet another puddle on my already very
smelly sheep.
Not sure how many brain cells fit in that tiny head of hers….

Seeing that I am up already, I make my daughter's lunchbox while two of our three cats circle my legs,
meowing loudly.

I feed them, which doesn’t stop the chorus.

They want sausage, but more on that later.

Then I write a blog post (not this one), visit my favorite blogs and have a cup of coffee, and for a while it
really is quite peaceful and idyllic.

Finally the big eyes staring at me whenever I look up with that 'I am starving' look get to me, and I start
preparing the food for the dogs. The two big ones need their food heated, softened and cooled again.
The puppy is supposed to eat puppy kernels but hankers after the big dogs food (dangerous thing to do),
and the dachshund is never hungry when it is feeding time but scavenges all day long.

After they have eaten, all the four-legged ones gather around me (if that sounds romantic, it is not really).
I am basically squeezed in next to the fridge, doggie breath wafting up at me and little claws scratching
my leg.


It is now time for the big dog's tablets.

I give them to him in a piece of sausage, which is what all the excitement is about.
Everybody else (cats included) also wants a piece of sausage!

Little Lola for some reason always jumps up on Buddha’s leg. He is sick, he is old, he is not in a very
good mood most of the time, and he is the only one likely to bite her.
Go figure…

Anyway, here I am throwing the spiked sausage to Buddha who misses it.
It falls to the ground and I tackle Elsa (she is half Labrador and anything to do with food really gets her going).
While I prevent her from eating the sausage the dachshund gulps it down

Eva manages to sleep through the commotion (as does my man) and has to be woken and fed too.

I coax her into brushing her teeth and get her into the car, hairbrush in one hand and shoes in the other.
Straight after school drop-off I have to give a yoga class (oozing calm and serenity), and we are
quite late already.

How did that happen?

We make it out of the gate and are halfway down the street when I remember the chickens.

We turn around, I run and open their house and scatter yet more food, run back out, off we go again.

By now everybody who owns a car in Windhoek is also on the road.

When we finally reach the school we realize that Eva’s schoolbag is still sitting in her room…

Wishing you a peaceful and idyllic day :-)



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  1. What a crazy morning! I can't even imagine. :-) It seems like you handled it well though!


  2. Sorry, but I can't stop laughing while reading this post! Well, the blogging might be very nice place to escape all madness of the world, own house included ;) Have a peaceful day!


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