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Friday 16 March 2012

Gift in a can

My daughter eats lots and lots of canned peaches, so when she wanted to open another can today I suddenly
had an idea: Why not re-use the cans!

You will need a can with an opener at the top, some nice paper and some double-sided tape:

First open the can at the bottom with a can opener, empty it, take the label off and wash it out:

Now cut the paper to the height of the can and glue it on:

Cut a out cardboard circle that has the same size as the opening at the bottom:

Put the gift into the can, and then glue the bottom on. I used masking tape that I cut in places to be able to bend it:

Decorate the cans and put a label on if you want to. I haven't labelled (or filled) them yet, but I am
sure they will come in handy one day:

Have a wonderful Friday!



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  1. Nun muss ich grinsen! Ich habe das auch gebastelt . und letzten Sonntag verschenkt . gepostet wird sie auch noch .. die Dose allerdings mit Stoff und Borten beklebt. Eine nette Verpackungsidee.

    liebe Grüße von Ellen

  2. So cute! I'm pinning this to my Upcycle board on Pinterest. :)

  3. What a fantastic idea!!!!! I love it and well....need to add this to my list!!!!:):):)
    Thanks so much.
    Wonderful weekend ahead!

  4. Schöööner Blog :)
    Schau' doch auch mal bei mir vorbei.
    Laura ♥

  5. This is such a cute idea. The cans turned out so cute.

  6. What a fantastic idea! They're so cute and creative! Way better than plain old wrapping paper.

  7. Such a creative idea! I've used old cans wrapped in paper as organizers before, but this is way more inspired!

  8. Hey you know there are those cool can openers now that open the can with a clean edge and you can almost recover it with the same lid...It's neat! I love this idea!!

  9. What a great idea. Like Annika I have been using cans to get my craft room organized. I first spray painted the inside and rims of the can and the bottom. Then I covered it with scrapebook paper and made tags so I would know what's in the can. Turned out really cute.

    Now I have another reason to save cans. I can hear my husband now. Why you opening that from the bottom, (-; What your saving more cans ;-D

    Thanks for sharing is this idea.


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