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Thursday 15 March 2012

Space Bunny

My daughter is on holiday and spends her days playing with her friends, and the only thing that is required of me is to provide food on a regular basis. So I have much more time to potter about, do silly little things and meet silly little creatures.

One of these creatures is space bunny. He came to visit from down the rabbit hole, and isn't quite sure yet if he wants to leave the safety of his space craft. I assured him that it is fine to hang around for a bit and observe our strange customs.

It is kind of eerie being watched by him all the time, but I guess I will either get used to it or he will loose interest and take
off again. In case he comes to visit you, here is what he looks like:

Ps: He assured me that he has nothing whatsoever to do with Easter, and certainly will not bring chocolates, eggs or other silly things.

Lots of love,


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